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Prodest Hotel Demolition: Guard Against Mischief-Makers, Rt. Hon. Dekor Tells Ogoni People

The member representing Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Dumnamene Robinson Dekor, has frowned on the attempt by some enemies of Ogoni people to use the demolished Prodest Hotel, Eleme owned by an Ogoniman to paint the Ogoni nation in bad light through unguarded utterances, subversive media reports against the lawful action of the Rivers State government.

The federal lawmaker said this has become imperative to let those pocket lawyers and surrogates of political detractors of the state government hiding under the cover of commenting on Coronavirus pandemic as an issue of public concern, and the concomitant issues including the demolition of Prodest Hotel on account of flouting the Executive Order 6 of the State Governor on COVID-19 to know that their antics are already common knowledge among Ogoni leaders and have already failed before starting their mischief.

Rt. Hon. Dekor said the state government only acted within the ambit of the law, stressing that it is very wrong and inciting to localize the issue as similar and corresponding punishments had been and being meted out to defaulters of the state government directives on COVID-19 elsewhere depending on the weight of the offence no matter their place of origin.

“It's more provocative and unholy when the person of the Executive Governor of the state who is doing everything humanly possible to contain the spread of the pandemic in the state is insulted or presented with indignation.

The federal lawmaker however, noted that there are legal and constitutional opportunities open to an aggrieved person(s) to seek redress if not satisfied with any action of government or any other entity rather than recourse to incitement of the innocent members of the public and, or the promotion of ill-feelings and disaffection against the person of the Executive Governor of the State among the innocent and law abiding Ogoni people.

On the protesting Ogoni women who were claimed to have taken to the streets recently against the demolition of Prodest Hotel, Rt. Hon. Dekor said it benumbs all sensibilities and is doubtful that Ogoni women widely respected for their wisdom and patience and who did not exhibit any form of violence even in the face of killings by the defunct military regimes could display such brazen childishness over a personal issue bordering on Act of lawlessness already before the court.

He dismissed the protest as a script acted by propagandists and enemies of the State government whose instigators can easily be traced and warned the Ogoni people to be wary of those who may want to use them for personal ends.

The federal lawmaker appealed to all Ogonis to heed the directives of the state and federal governments on COVID-19 prevention, and feel free to submit themselves for testing when necessary as the first step for safeguarding their lives.

“Rather than vilify the State government for making sacrifices to save the lives of our people, we should commend the Executive Governor, Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike for his foresight and courage to tackle the pandemic head-on, no matter the cost in materials terms”, Rt. Hon Dekor declared.