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COVID-19 Is A Siege, Declares Clergyman

The coronavirus pandemic, codenamed COVID-19 has been described as a siege upon the world, but should not be allowed to take possession beyond the current experience of humanity.

This was contained in an online message delivered by the Minister-in-Charge (M.I.C.) Rhema Chapel International Churches, Port Harcourt during the Sunday Celebration Service of the Church.

The man of God who declared that the last Sunday service as a prophetic one said that the siege of coronavirus is over in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Pastor Ajadi defines COVID-19 as an evil and harmful dominion. He decried a situation where evil had continued to have a freewill in the land, even among families without the church being left out either.

He noted that the COVID-19 pandemic, which is contrary to the plan of God had succeeded in shutting down the church, schools, businesses, economices and, virtually every aspect of human endeavour.

But he challenged Christians to brace up for the challenge, saying “whatever is not of faith is sin”. He stated that, through faith in God victory can be won over the scourge. He said that children of God are already over-comers, having been born of God.

The M. I. C. said that, ironically, some interests are taking advantage of the situation, calling on all concerned to declare that “enough is enough of COVID-19, because it has done so much damage. There is nobody it has not affected. But this morning, the siege of COVID-19 is over.”

In another breath, Pastor Ajadi described coronavirus as an evil force controlling a people's movement like a monitoring spirit.

He gave a charge, calling on the faithful to wake up and act like Jesus who rebuked the wind, citing encounters in Matthew 8: 26 and Luke 8: 23-24.

Speaking prophetically again, he said, “you need to wake up and rebuke the siege.

“Every siege over you like evil dominion comes down in the name of Jesus.

“You siege over the church of God is removed. The church of God resumes back. The gates of hell is a siege, it shall not prevail. No more lockdown again in Jesus name”.

Concerning personal challenge like a siege in the lives of individuals, Pst. Ajadi gave a condition for winning the battle which he tied to accepting Jesus as Lord and Master.

He advised individuals not to tolerate siege in their lives by praying because, “it is capable of taking possession of your life.”