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_ By Erudite Hon. Worgu Boms ESQ.

May 18, 2020.

We continue to pretend, we continue fail spectacularly. 


"Wike is a small boy".

"This is the First and last time.... ", boasted the then Governor Amaechi in a Thanksgiving Church Service at St Emmanuel Anglican church, Rumuokoro, presided over by Bishop Carthy ' "...that I will talk about my Former Chief of Staff in public. He is a small boy..."

This public boast that 'Wike is a small boy' has been told us (insiders) every now and again, especially when issues for discussion and tackling are raised on how to tackle Wike.

'Wike is a small boy, Why are you people worried'?

The only reason Wike is a small boy is because you gave him appointment.

He worked under you.

Anyone who worked under a person is a small boy?

I didn't agree then and I said so.

I don't agree now still, and I am also saying so.

And the small boy started winning by running the big Man first, out of the party and later out of Government House!

The small boy almost succeeded, nearly, in truncating the completion of the so-called Bigman's second tenure.

WE were all here and we all saw it.

The Bigman and all those who were serving in his Government were all gasping for air everyday from this small boy attacks on the Bigman's Government! 

The small boy almost sacked the BigMan from his government: the legislative arm of the Big Man's government never sat properly throughout the remainder of the Bigman's government.

If the judiciary arm of the Bigman's government had opened for even a full 24 hours, the so-called Bigman's government would have been effectively sacked.

So, that too, was, like the Bigman's legislative arm, Never functioned.

The Small man restricted the so-called Bigman and his government to just Government House, gasping for air and biding his time for his tenure to come to a Constitutional end which it did on May 29, 2015, unceremoniously, with heavy political casualties all from the person publicly described as small boy!

Some of us were just looking, wondering When the BigMan will upturn the small Boy!

Opportunity came through a series of elections in which right thinking-persons (I pride myself as right thinking man and I do not say you or anyone is not. I only say that I am right thinking) believed Should be properly utilised to recover lost political ground from the ceaseless onslaught of the small boy.

What did we do with the opportunity?

The Big Man appeared again:

"I will destroy the party if you don't allow me SOLELY carry on with the small boy"!

All the time you have SOLELY been carrying on with the small boy, what has been the results?

He was resisted and he had to make good his choice and promise:

The party was destroyed.

The evidence of the destruction, forget those who like to live in denial, is there to this day- no Exco, no party secretariat, several court cases Etc.

If people can live in denial of the reality of the dangers of Covid-19, is it the denial concerning the APC Rivers, that should shock us?

Having so succeeded in destroying the party, the BigMan moved to another party to play BigMan.

There, he decreed victory ahead and even fixed Local Government elections in advance for the small boy governor the BigMan was planning to install.

Anyone he helps or politically assists or employs, is a Small Boy!

Meanwhile, the main Small Boy, as Governor, was still waiting for the BigMan and his contrivance with his new party, the AAC to which he moved after destroying the APC.

When the whistle was blown, Small Boy Wike won the BigMan Amaechi again!

The Small Boy winning continued from there up to the Supreme Court!

Now Governor Wike, the small boy Wike, is firmly established as Governor of Rivers state.

The man they told us we were worrying for nothing each time we entertain a desire for deep discussion and strategy on how to tackle him.

Thus firmly entrenched in Rivers as Governor and political strategist, both the Bigman-destroyed party of APC Rivers and the BigMan-jumped-into party of AASomethng, got decimated and exists only on platforms and radio statements.

The Big Man and those who believe in him, all went quiet having exhausted all their strategies!

We stopped hearing from and about the Big Man.

Not one word.

All secret moves and the judiciary moves to have his way politically in having the destroyed party Exco to himself, not successful.

Even when Justice Godwin Ollor came to his rescue, nothing came out.

Unable to pretend any longer that the Small Boy is effectively in charge, the BigMan and his crew, PUBLICLY pledged loyalty to the small boy.

They did.

They did, I repeat.

They pleaded with him not to treat them as pariahs.

They called him their captain.

They conceded that there could be no two captains on the same ship.

This too failed.

The Big Man and his believers then went finally quiet.


No more statements against the Small Boy.

All these running from pillar to post was an insincere response to the problem they pridefully caused.

They could not face the truth and the people.

Pride was at work. 

They wanted a way to really win and disgrace those of us who in principle opposed the declaration to destroy the party if you don't allow me decide as I want.


If they had won with Awara, that was it!

WORGU Boms and those he is deceiving will come and beg.

Who is Worgu Boms?

Is he a politician?

Because this Worgu Boms, too, was his appointee, Worgu Boms, for that simple reason is also a small boy.

Who is he.

So, the plan was to win first with Awara and they will all come to beg.

I serve Notice that others might do so, but WORGU Boms Will never EVER do that.

Politics is not oxygen for Worgu Boms!

Never and it will not be.

When they went public to declare the Small Boy their leader, it was the same theory and philosophy and strategy that, once they got Gov. Wike to their side (the same Wike they told us was head of Ogboni, was a tout, was this and that, chai! Jesus!), that once this same Wike aligned with them, they would route out Worgu Boms and all those he is deceiving from the system.

At least, they would all come to beg.

Spectacularly, that scheme too failed.

When all these plans have now failed and those planned to be disgraced were not, infact, have been justified, and having run out of any other options, they went into hiding.

Have been quiet.

Have been tarcitun.

They claimed especially through their followers, that they have been busy at the railways.


So busy that no time or thoughts again for the party in the state.


Suddenly, after focus on 2023 presidency failed to take traction, they have now woken to want to restart Politics of deceit.

Wike did this.

Wike did not do this.

Wike didn't include stew in the rice he gave out.

The yam Wike gave out should have been planted and harvested in Bera, but it was planted and harvested in Etche.

It's not right.

They even think us so unthinking that they expect us to be amused when they say that Wike, the Small Boy, actually gave out palliatives, they received it, or some received it but it should NOT have been sent through one Desmond through one Aaron!

Can you imagine criticisms!!

We even think, dangerously, that the public is also unthinking.

That they will side us now over Wike.

But they too, have been here and they know all that happened publicly, in particular that:

Andrew Uchendu OON, called a Press Conference and declared Wike leader and appealed to him to carry them along and not treat them as pariahs.

The public knows too, all the Public activities of Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi CON regarding the destruction of the party.

They know all that I have stated here, which didn't happen inside a bedroom.

They know what happened publicly in his government regarding the things he now want us to regard as evil in Wike and his government.

To think that the public is foolish because they don't have access to Media as you have is as dangerous as thinking that no one in your audience as public speaker knows your subject more than you.

When it is Question and Answer time after your public lecture, it may be too late to know.

And now, after all these, Senator Andrew and co, come out.

Others join them.

They want to renew our seeing Wike through their warped always politically wrong lens.

Everyone can follow them.

I won't!

If they had succeeded in their ingratiation to Wike as their leader in that press Conference, if Wike had taken their bait and aligned with them against WORGU Boms whom they're hell bent to disgrace and teach a lesson, would they have come back to want to inspire us against Wike?

Would they?

They are now telling us, tongue- in- cheek, that those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.


I commend the gods for their generosity in giving a person they would want destroyed the opportunity to be mad first, instead of destroying that one without first making him mad.

I say so because: Some were destroyed when, after the gods made them mad, out of sheer arrogance, they refused to be cured of madness and be preserved.

Others were destroyed instantly without the opportunity to be mad.

Others, when the gods made them mad, quickly recovered when medicine was applied and thus were preserved.

To the extent that each one of us has the capacity to be mad and do get mad once in a while (am mad at you!), choose which category is best for, in my opinion, being mad, in itself, is not a bad thing.

It's what happens when medicine is applied!

APC Rivers under Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi CON made Gov. Wike through pride and arrogance for power to maximally control Rivers people for as long as the power mongers are able.

That's the Truth.

Now that that Satanic plot against Rivers people flopped ( I am proud of my own little contribution in flopping it), let us live with it.

Inviting people through subtle ways to denounce Wike, demonize him in this covid 19 fight:  

1. After you have been demonizing Wike and telling us Wike is evil, and that we collaborated with Wike against you, 

2. After you painted us to the whole world that we are collaborating with Wike, 

3. After you promised to destroy the party and actually destroyed it.,

4. After you yourself left us and went to another party with those who believe in your party destruction by you. 

5. After you tried, with your group to work with the same Wike and failed.,

6. After...

7. After...

8. After...

9. After...

19. After...

Etc etc etc

After all that, you now hide under COVID-19 pandemic fight, which the whole world is battling, and begin to speak tongue in cheek and use microscope to find Wike errors while saying nothing about other Governors who are doing exactly the same thing as Wike, infact, you dine with them publicly, you expect the public not to be amused.

Leave Gov. Wike alone.

He did not destroy APC Rivers.

Rebuild APC Rivers before you can be taken seriously.

Wike is NOT our problem.

The mindset that sees the APC as personal property is the problem.

When we are serious and sincere as politicians or as a political party, you yourself will know.

After you told us Nyesom Wike is a cultist and head of Ogboni and put it on ring tones and we followed, you now go back to call him leader after he won you, When he refused you, you Now waited for Convid-19 to Inspire us to renew the way you want us to see the same Wike.

All this time, APC Rivers matters not.

I decline!

For now, using Convid-19 pandemic fight, we are still grandstanding.

To Thine Own Self Be true.

Thank you all!