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Lawyers  Watch` Petitions  Authorities  Over Rights Violation

As a human rights body, Lawyers   Watch for Justice International intensifies action to ensure justice for persons who allegedly suffered  unlawful  arrest and intimidation over community related issues. There have been reactions, part of which threaten to sue the group for defamation, just as the accused, the chairman of lkwerre  Local  Government   Area, Hon Samuel  Nwaosike dissociated himself from complicity in the matter as he named persons who may be directly involved in the  matter.

At a forum organized by the human rights  group in Port Harcourt, Friday the body alleged that both the arrest and intimidation of   Jeoffery  lkechi  and his physically challenged cousin, Emeka  Onuah  currently  in police detention in  Abuja  was masterminded by the lkwerre Local Government Council Chairman, Hon Samuel Nwanosike.

The group which based  information   made available to it by the victims and  family members of the victims , which include their aged mother , wife of the physically challenged and another sibling of the victims , decried the events which led to their  intimidation, embarrassment, arrest and detention, among others of the persons involved .

According  to lkechi  Jeoffery  who was  said to have filed  an application order to enforce his fundamental right (copy of which was made available to this medium which was sought in the federal High Court , Port Harcourt  Judinary Division in 2019 before his latest arrest, the bone of contention was his position as the community  liaison  Officer (CLO) to All Grace Energy Limited / Western Ord Oil and Gas Limited (joint  venture ) whereby he was threatened by all the parties listed in the notices of application  for order enforcing fundamental rights (Order 2, Rule1) which  include  Hon Samuel  Nwanosike,  Mr   Dandyson   Omrala, among others.

Lawyers Watch for Justice International equally noted that one of the victims had once sought an injunction restricting  respondents,  which included security agent from illegal arrest, unlawful detention and molestation  before the recent arrest on the 17th February 2020 and the physically  challenged cousin on the 19th February 2020 .

But just as the human  rights  group decried the arrest of persons as denigration    of competent court of law , despite pendency  of the matter in the court of law, noted that Jeoffery lkechi `s first arrest was predicated on falsehood as the victim was said to have stated that his position as the CLO was being challenged because of an attempt to remove him and put another person  The body stated that he was rearrested on same ground despite subsisting suit (with his physically challenged younger brother)