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Rhema Chapel Declares 'Year Of His Power' For 2020

As large congregation of worshippers gathered ahead of the cross over to 2020, the Apostolic oversight of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries, aka Rhema Chapel International Churches, Reverend George Adegboye declared that the New year is the year of His Power  for all its members worldwide.

Making the pronouncement on behalf of the ministry's oversight, the Minister-in- Charge (M.I.C) Rhema Chapel International Churches, Port Harcourt, Pastor Abiola Ajade, set the spiritual tone for  the new year by stating that, God has given his word to his people  but the responsibility is on them to run with the declared word for the year with expectation.

Pastor Ajadi equally noted that people's expectation will come to pass with their knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals. He further explained that the world and everything in it was created by the word of God.

“That same word given to us this year was used to create the world we live in. “He drew a scripture reference from the book of Hebrews 11:3 which states that the worlds were framed by the word of God. He observed that similarly, Christians can create their own world using the word of God.

While declaring the year 2020 as the year of lifting for the local assembly, the M.I.C said that God esteemed his word above his name. He said: “A name is as good as the word that comes out of the person's name, that is the person's integrity”. He added that God has always been known by the nature and character of his word .

While explaining some of the attributes of the word of God, the clergy said: “The word of God has a creative ability. It created life and gives life to dead things”.

According to him, God demonstrated this in the story of creation when he declared “Let there be…” to bring many things to life.

He urged Christians to develop their faith by believing whatever the word of God says concerning them. He said, this is a sure way for individuals to partake of the blessings that come with receiving the word.

But he expressed bewilderment how people often believe in doctor's prescription  and the  multiplication table and yet find it  difficult to believe in the word of God. He stated that God expresses his power through the power of the spoken word.

He explained to the congregation that every human is in a battle of the word. He cited an example in the Bible where Peter and John demonstrated the power of the spoken word in the life of a man at the gate called Beautiful.

According to the M.I.C, whenever Christians come to the church, there should be an expectation to receive the word.

On why God gives the word, Pastor Ajadi explained that, the word is given as a prophesy to foretell what is to come .He said that the word is also given as a pathfinder especially when individuals relate with it adequately.

He went further to inform that whenever God decides to a new thing, he sends his word ahead. He charged the faithful to exercise faith and receive the word of God with joy in the New Year.

Pastor Ajadi used the occasion to introduce one of his books, 'Thriving in Difficulties'  at the end of the service. He recommended the book for believers and anyone who may need breakthrough in life.