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Rivers State Government Acquisition Of 45% Shell Stake In OML 11: The Issues Therein

By Joshua Amarachi

(Patriotic Crusaders Initiative)

The striking of oil in commercial quantity at Oloibiri in present day Bayelsa State in 1956, and its subsequent boom and slump with attendant issues ranging from its dwindling and non renewable nature signaling threat of depletion, to the environmental hazards and socio-economic perils associated with its exploration and exploitation without adequate and commensurate compensation to host communities, have not only agitated the Niger Delta and its people, but have also raised awareness, sown seeds of discord, calumny and resulted in chaos among other numerous vices. The summation of these concerns does not change the obvious fact that, oil remains pivotal to Nigeria's economy today and even in the near future.

Some People You Love Are Liabilities To Your Future

There is a biblical story about a man called Lot and his uncle, Abraham. Abraham loved Lot, but Lot eventually along the journey became a liability to him. One major thing I learnt from this biblical story is that there are some ‘Lots’ we take along in our journey of life that ultimately cost us a lot. The biblical story between Abraham and Lot clearly illustrates the fact that anytime you take someone with you that God has not authorised, it tampers with your destiny.

15 Years of National Network: Celebrating Dedicated Pro-Rivers Journalism

By Simeon Nwakaudu

I first got to know National Network Newspaper in 2011 through its publisher, Pastor Jerry Needam. Right from that very first contact, I realised that the newspaper was founded with a goal to promoting the good of Rivers State.

Welcome Address By The General Manager/Editor-In-Chief of National Network   Newspaper, Chris Konkwo, FCAI, On the 15th Anniversary Of The Newspaper, Friday, October 18, 2019

The Chairman of the occasion, Barr. Emma Okah, Special Guest of Honour, Guest of Honour; Guest Speaker; Ministers of God, Captains of industries, invited Guests, Distinguished Newspaper Publishers and Editors of all the Media Houses here represented; Colleagues; Members and Leadership of Newspaper Distributors Association, Ladies And Gentlemen.

Ken Saro-Wiwa's Blood Is Permanent Stain On Nigeria

By Fegalo Nsuke

Ken Saro-Wiwa means many things to different people. But without any ambiguity, Ken is a brand and a masterpiece. Even in death, his ideas continues to propel many, including myself, into standing for civil rights and the truth.