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Why Men Die Before Their Wives

The question has always been asked on why there are more widows than widowers in most neighbhourhoods. Why is it that women have higher chances of surviving their husbands. What is that thing that kills the man ahead of his wife?

Letter To The Editor: Menace Of Students Roaming Streets Of Port-Harcourt After They Are Driven From School For Unpaid Fees

Permit me to use your widely read newspaper, National Network Newspaper to express my view on the menace of students roaming the streets of Port-Harcourt after they are driven away from school because their parents have not paid their school fees.

Letter To The Editor: Govt Should Pay Attention To Schools In Rural Areas

Going by the poor learning environment in some rural areas of the state, I want to use this medium to call on the State Government to come to the aid of the rural students.By my observation, if more attention is paid to rural education the way attentions are given to schools in the urban areas, the level of literacy would be high and the level of cult related crimes will reduce significantly. On the other hand, some schools in rural areas lack qualified teachers and conducive learning environment, then the issue of security is another major factor militating against learning in the rural areas because teachers that are posted there tend to complain of inadequate security and by so doing they don't report to their duty post.

Letter To The Editor: Opobo Kingdom And Seniapu Installations

Please may I have a chance in your daily read newspaper to express my feelings towards the above mentioned subject (Opobo Kingdom and Seniapu Installations).

Gov Wike's Outstanding Commitment

During the heat of the 2019 Electioneering Campaigns, the moribund Rivers APC concorted the false story of non-payment of Pensioners. This was the falsehood they sponsored in the media, until the facts were laid bare to members of the public, who disregarded their tales of mischief.